What can you help me with?

We offer a full house move service which can include, but is not limited to:
•    Decluttering (including disposal/sale of unrequired items to charities, ebay etc)
•    Pre sale house staging
•    Storage arrangements
•    Management of all associated moving quotes such as removal companies, decorators, cleaners etc.
•    Home administration including mail redirect and notifications of change of address
•    Coordination of overall house move by your dedicated professional and experienced move consultant
•    Unpacking service
•    Space planning and staging of your new home
•    Temporary assistance with getting your luggage or belongings to you on holiday or for short/long term business trips.
•    Frequent and ongoing updates from your dedicated move consultant. Charlotte or Debbie will be the eyes, ears and helping hands of your move, taking away the stress, inconvenience and upheaval allowing you to enjoy the exciting prospect of your new chapter.

Do I need to use all of your services?

Each move package is bespoke to each client as no two moves are the same. We can help you with as little or as much as you feel comfortable with.

When should I get in touch with Home Move Consultants?

Depending on which services you would like us to help you with, you can contact us as soon as you decide to sell your property. This way we are able to support you as and when you need us throughout the move process.

Am I still in control of all the decisions?

Every decision is completely in your control. We will be supporting you in the decision making process and can provide you with information and options to help you make the best choices for your move.